RV Awning Calgary

RV Awning Calgary

Investing in an awning is one way to increase space on your motorhome or campervan. Awning offers extra storage space for muddy shoes, bikes, and surfboards and can also serve as a shield from rain, wind, and even hot sun. And with the right design, it can even serve as an extra room, not just doubling your pitch area alone.

Today's RV awnings are constructed light-weighted, and easily set up, unlike the older versions requiring almost all your precious time. Also, they come in different enticing shapes and designs and are easily maintained, depending on your fabric choice.

With the right awnings, you can have an enjoyable outdoor space with your motorhome, regardless of the weather. However, to choose the right RV awnings, it's required to know the different types of awnings available.

  1. Acrylic Awnings

Acrylic and vinyl awning are the most common material awning are made with. Acrylic RV awnings possess the ability to handle rain, sun, and ice.

  1. Vinyl Awning

Vinyl awnings are also a wonderful option as UV rays and road grime can't penetrate the material; they are water resistant.

  1. Fixed Awnings

RV awnings manufacturers construct fixed awnings such that they get permanently installed above RV windows and doors. They serve as a continuous shield against rain and sun.

  1. Slide Out Awnings

These awnings are rolled out when you desire to sit under a shade. They are mostly manual. However, they remain the cheapest of all awnings as they're generally canvas made.

  1. Automatic RV Awnings

As the name implies, automatic awnings are automatically deployed - at the touch of a button, with the same button responsible for its retraction. They are basically the easiest RV awnings to use. Some regard this awning as the best RV awnings for motorhomes; however, its cost makes others disagree as they remain the most expensive.

Choosing the Best RV Awnings for Your Campervans

Having highlighted the different types of RV Awnings, here are some factors for consideration when considering the purchase of a new RV awning for your motorhome.

  • Size of Your Motorhome

One critical factor that determines the type of RV awnings you'd choose is your motorhome's size. Standard-size RV awnings might not be suitable for larger motorhomes, hence the need for a custom-built awning. Likewise, electric awnings might also not be the best fit for smaller rigs due to their size.

So, ensure to take proper measurements of your RV before making a choice. And if you're looking to replace a pre-installed awning, consult your RV's user manual for the actual size.

  • Your Requirements

Your requirement depends on what exactly you need your awnings to do. Perhaps, you need an awning to keep your rooms cool or shield you from the sun. Or maybe you'd prefer awnings that work while you drive. This is all dependent on you. Your requirement will guide you in deciding the mechanism and material best for you.

  • Ease of Installation and Use

Unlike every other RV awning, automatic awnings require professional help for their installation. Also, some awnings require a bit of learning to understand their use. Each awning has its pros and cons, so you're left to decide which awning would be easier for your use.

  • Cost

Although not best for extreme weather conditions, acrylic and vinyl awnings are cheaper than aluminum awnings, known for their durability. Your budget would decide which awnings you'd settle with.

Do you need an awning dealer in Calgary? You can count on us for your repairs and awning installation in Calgary. Also, you can visit us at Airdrie Canvas for quality RV awning in Calgary, as we've got you covered on whatever your awning choice might be. Shop for our product here.

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