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Digger Derricks

Digger Derricks

From utility poles to ground wells, deep holes are required in construction. Digger derricks eliminate the hassle of creating these holes on your own. Centec Equipment Sales, LLC in Sarasota, FL has you covered with cost-effective and quality diggers for nearly any project.

How does a digger derrick work?

A digger derrick uses hydraulics to power a massive drill. A large crane with an attached boom makes sure that your project stays on target.

These trucks are heavy and often come with stabilizers for peace of mind. The larger your project, the heavier duty your truck needs to be.

Digger Trucks

Digger derricks are mobile. They do not require a flatbed or specialized equipment for transport. Most are about on part with the size of a boom truck used for inspections and telecommunications equipment.

A truck mounted model is useful in all but the largest of projects. Most construction will find it more cost-effective and useful to avoid erecting a drilling platform to perform work. These trucks dig deep without additional setup and teardown.

Digger Derricks for Large Projects

Trucks come in many different sizes. The larger and deeper the hole, the larger your truck needs to be. Centec sells derricks of nearly any size. Recent stock such as the Freightliner M2 Corner Mount Digger Derrick produces the power required to break through a rock layer.

Freightliner and International make some of the toughest derricks. We make sure to keep a stock of such dedicated equipment.

Smaller Derricks

Not everyone is creating a well or mounting a large pole. There are projects with much smaller requirements where a flexible and more cost-effective truck can complete the task at hand.

We regularly keep Ford pickup-based diggers and other models on our lot. These models sell for as little as $45,000 compared with $60000 or more for a Freightliner.

Used Derricks

Construction equipment is made to last. Companies know that their trucks retain their value, losing very little of their initial value. If they are maintained, they keep as much as 70% of their value.

Still you stand to lose 30% or more depending on usage. With operating costs skyrocketing by 81 percent between 2005 and 2015, there is no reason to spend on an entirely new vehicle. Retain more value and avoid overspending on equipment.

Digger Derrick Regulations

If you are entering the market for a derrick and have very little knowledge of the field, it is good to know the regulations. Your equipment needs to satisfy OSHA regulations regarding safety.

Our products are inspected to ensure that you can comply with the letter of the law. Centec Equipment Sales, LLC has 30 years of combined experience in pre-owned and new vehicle sales.

Buying a Digger Derrick

 Cranes and Derricks are a useful tool that helps with many standard construction tasks. The right digger derricks maintain and provide value. Whether you need a large tower crane or Guy and Stiffleg derricks, Centec Equipment Sales, LLC in Sarasota can provide.

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