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Best Flight Schools In Arizona

Best Flight Schools In Arizona

Whether you're changing to a new career or have wanted to be a pilot since you enter a plane, UND Aerospace Foundation provides the best pilot training in Arizona. We have a crew of certified and experienced flight instructors or trainers who will prepare you to be a confident pilot. Our goal is simple: to create the best-trained pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless and rapid career start. So, if you are looking for a flight school in Arizona, here is what makes UND Aerospace Foundation the best.

Real-World Experience

We are located in Arizona, so we can conduct training right after takeoff. In addition, the proximity of mountain ranges lets us to provide high-altitude operations and mountain training.

Years Of Experience

We have many years of experience training people to become professional pilots. Our FAA-approved Part 61 and FAR Part 141 pilot training programs send you flying into your career.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

At UND Aerospace Foundation, your safety is our priority. Nothing matters more to us than ensuring that every student at our training facility is safe.

Personalized Training

It isn't easy to decide which school to attend because each school is different and has a different approach to its training. However, UND Aerospace Foundation is the right school for you if you prefer personal and individual training.


We can provide a flexible training schedule at UND Aerospace Foundation based on your needs, time, and availability. Therefore, your training will be very personal and individual.

No Sales Tax

There is no sales tax for your flight training at UND Aerospace Foundation. This can add significant savings to your flight training without paying these extra taxes.

Veterans Benefits

We are VA approved, which means qualified Veterans can use their benefits to cover the cost of their flight training.

First-rate Instructors

All of our instructors are hand-picked. This means our instructors are comfortable with the aircraft they teach you and the location you will be training.

Career Connections

Regarding jobs, we can help you get that first foot on your career ladder when applying for your first job in the aviation industry because we have established reliable bonds with many airlines. As a result, when candidates graduate from our pilot training school, we can link them straight away!

Save You Time

Because of the organized nature of our course, training in our flight schools will let you achieve your qualifications and goals sooner. In addition, we are well versed in teaching several pilots all at the same time and have experience teaching a flight course efficiently.

Ready To Get Started? Contact Us

At UND Aerospace Foundation, we're committed to providing the best flight training to every individual. As one of the best flight schools in Arizona, our school comes with fully equipped aircraft and ensures we meet the highest safety standards regulated by the FAA. 

Contact us today at 480-809-4499 to schedule your firsthand look at our facilities.


Best Flight Schools In Arizona
UND Aerospace Foundation Flight Training Center
Best Flight Schools In Arizona
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